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* Factory built * Modular * Pre-fab * Panel Constructed Chicken Coops *
* Attractive, functional, sturdy chicken coops / rabbit hutches * Solid wood buildings *
* Quality tongue & groove construction * Weather resistant stain is applied *
* Large pre-hung doors on all chicken coops, with hardware attached for easy access & security *
* No special skills or tools needed except a screwdriver * Clear, simple & easy picture instructions included *

Highest Quality * Best Value

Model HSS01 chicken coop - more pictures & information
$299 US, $359 Cdn.

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coop with hens chicken coops rear chicken coop tray chicken coops nesting box

Model HSS01L (same as HSS01, only larger, and with back door) - more pictures & information
sold out
chicken coop 01l 01l coop rear 01l coop tray nest box

Model HSS-R Chicken Coop Run (fits HSS01 or HSS01L)
Use one run (left picture) or two runs (right picture) for either HSS01 or HSS01L
sold out
chicken coop with run coop with two runs

Model HSS02 Chicken Coop - more pictures & information
$309 US, $369 Cdn.

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chicken coop 02 chicken coop tray chicken coop rear

Model HSS03 Chicken Coop / Run Combo - more pictures & information
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chickn coop 003 chicken coop 003 side chicken coop 003 open

Model HSS03-RX Run Extension for Chicken Coop model HSS03
Each model HSS03-RX Run Extension adds 36" of additional run length onto the Model HSS03 Chicken Coop.
$169 US, $199 Cdn.

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chicken coop run 03 chicken coop run open

Model HSS09 Chicken Coop / Run Combo - more pictures & information
sold out
chicken coop 09 chicken coop 09 open chicken coop 09 hens chicken coop 09 next box

Here's what just some of our customers are saying:
"The chicken coop went together beautifully!"
"The chicken coop is so cute - it adds lovely charm to my landscaping!"
"I have a large flock with large coops - I'm adding HSS01 for breeding purposes."
"Thanks for the fast shipping on the coop! It arrived the week after I ordered!"
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The day of urban chickens has come! Many families view chickens as pets, and use them for fresh eggs, natural fertilizer for vegetable and flower gardens, getting rid of slugs and mosquitoes, and a fun learning experience for the whole family. It fits right in with today's environmental consciousness and local area eating (eg. 100 mile diet, eating close to home, knowing where your food comes from...). Urban agriculture just makes sense. There is a trend in North America towards natural and healthy eating - raising urban back yard chickens is quickly becoming a movement. Cities are changing their by-laws to accommodate this practice. Many people would like to move away from industrialized food systems as much as possible. It's win-win for everyone - adults, kids, and of course the chickens themselves!

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